"A Unique International Perspective" - Alexandra Hershey Contributing Editor of Government Change Agents. The Change Agents were UK guest contributors to the USA's www.governmentchangeagents.com website. Here is the open letter by our Founder Bobby Livingston:

"Greetings from Scotland!

Here in Glasgow, at the other side of the Atlantic, The Change Agents work with a diverse range of managers and leaders. Our stated client aim is simply: “To impart the skills and confidence you require to manage change.”

Our straightforward aim is inspired through observation: no matter whom you are, if you want successful change to occur in your life, work, or community you require the skills, confidence and motivation to make it happen. This truth has been evidenced in the corporate world, in higher and further education, and in the charity and social enterprise economy here in Scotland. Further, the attributes of skill, confidence, and motivation appear to be so fundamental to change I am convinced you can measure your success or otherwise via this formula: skill + confidence + motivation = change. It’s a bit like baking a cake – you require the correct skills and ingredients for a successful outcome!

Funnily enough, The Change Agents’ tagline is to “create brighter futures” i.e. create successful outcomes. However, here and throughout Europe few people use the term “change agent;” instead, government and business leaders refer to their need for people they can depend on, people who regularly come up with creative ideas, and people who can rise to challenge and win through. In essence, they unwittingly describe the classical attributes of a “change agent.” Naturally, these people are who The Change Agents vigorously support through leadership development, management mentoring, and via training and facilitation workshops such as SPEAK UP!

In providing this support our objective is to inspire individual men and women within organisations, to take control, to develop personal leadership, to hone public speaking and influencing skills, and to encourage their colleagues to do the same. In this way a critical mass of change agents can be formed, their collective mindset is positive, and they become an unstoppable force for change within the workplace. This concept is simple and effective, a winning hearts and minds strategy, and all it takes is skill, confidence, and motivation.

In recognition of this, The Change Agents distribute a fortnightly e-Motivate e-letter entitled “Themes for Change.” Its purpose is twofold: to educate the growing number of individuals and organisations who appreciate the power of change; and, to provide motivating, challenging and thought provoking script to support them through change itself. If you think you or your organisation would benefit from this why not visit our website www.thechangeagents.co.uk? In the interim, keep up the good work, keep striving for change!"

Next e-letter: Friday 25th April 2008